3D Printing & Painting Blog

A Blog about 3D printing with my Ender 3 and painting miniatures for tabletop games. This is my journey of slowly getting better at making tiny things.

CS Projects Development Blog

Updates about video game and website projects. Plus book & video game reviews for fun. CS Projects Productions is the name of my silly video game ‘company’.

Spokane Space Agency: A Kerbal Space Program Blog

Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox rocket simulation game. You build rockets and then proceed to launch, fly, and hopefully land them on other bodies orbiting in the solar system. I’ve spent hundreds of hours launching satellites, setting up missions, building space stations, and landing on planets.

Roll That Dice

Roll That Dice is a dice rolling app for Android (and windows…) that let’s you roll a lot of six sided dice at once. It’s not just a random number generator, it actually rolls a 3D dice and counts the side it lands on. You can set a mode to let it keep rolling for up to thousands of rolls.

The Binary Tomb

Where old digital files and projects go to rest.