Hello my name is Colin Stuart.

I was born in ’93, live in beautiful Spokane, Washington USA, and the first game I ever played was Sim City.

Warhammer 40k forever inspires imagination, Legend of Zelda continues to give me a sense of adventure, Dungeons and Dragons lets me laugh with friends, and the people in my life that I love give me confidence and purpose.

Godzilla’s cool because getting crushed scares me, Godzilla never seems to notice the people, and most of the time Godzilla comes out the victor.

I got over stage fright by doing stand up comedy at open mic’s. In high school I lettered because of stage craft, all male choir, regular choir, and drama productions. Never said no to an opportunity and always tried my best.

If you want to talk send me an email.


The CS Projects Timeline


Watched my cousin play Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and lost my mind. Asked for it for my birthday and lo’ and behold got an N64 with that game. I was so lucky to have a family purchase that for me.


The year my mom let me play Halo at our family friends house with two adults. Not only was I blown away that I got to hang out with older folk but also play a co-op shooter!? The Sci-fi environment gripped me and I will never forget that night. Also the same year a friend showed me flash animations online (RIP Adobe Flash 1996 to 2021) (Also shoutout to the menu screen of Halo, what an iconic song and image of the Ring in space…)


Played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons for the first time in my friends basement, on a ping pong table they owned with 4 friends.


As a high schooler with a brand new dishwashing job I could finally afford a domain name and web space. A friend of mine helped me set up The Colin Experience which at the time had my cringe podcast that thankfully no one listened to.

The other thing The Colin Experience had was a pre-built flash game database. The school system we had didn’t block it so you could hop on a school computer and play some flash games, which was a lot of fun for my group of friends at the time.


The Colin Experience shuts down as I had better things to spend my money on and wasn’t doing anything with the site.


CS Projects was born. I started hosting pictures, a pdf cookbook of recipes I used, simple ActionScript programs, a link to a Minecraft server I hosted over the summer, etc.

The old site, way back when.

Early 2014

Had to shutdown CS Projects for a while as I just couldn’t justify the expense that a domain name and hosting had at the time.

Late 2014

CS Projects is back online. Started the Binary Tombs project where I hosted old information from the past 5 years. Made the new site entirely with Notepad++, Filezilla, and GIMP.


Published my first app on the Google Play store. Roll That Dice is a Dice rolling app where you can track up to thousands of actual digital dice rolls and not just randomly generated numbers.


Learned how to make a site from scratch with a Raspberry Pi successfully.


CS Projects switched from a generic host to one in which I control and set up. Years of armature web development lead to me finally just hosting my site on my own.

Also learned a lesson about backups and lost years of blog posts and webpages. This is a fresh start for CSP.