Everyone in the world of game engines or even games in general has heard the news about Unity’s change in their terms and conditions. It was a big blow any Unity developer and destroyed a bridge of trust that could take years to repair. The time I’ve spent with Unity is nowhere near anything an actual developer has put into it’s engine, but it’s still time and love that I’ve associated with the Unity brand and I am heartbroken.

The silver lining to this whole thing is that after my teen Let’s make a Game camp I was talking to a friend who has been on a Godot kick for a while now. I decided to try it out again after 10 some years and holy moly has it improved.

A few weeks after making a little test maze and watching some tutorials I made a personal decision to hop on the Godot band wagon going forward.

Romatelli WordPress Theme

Each section of the csprojects.info website is now apart of the Romatelli theme family. Aka the underscores.me base theme with colors, fonts, and little tweaks here in there changed from the original.

I think 2023 will be a nice fresh start with a clean wordpress look and feel for the Kerbal Space Program 2 launch, Miniatures painted over winter break, and Goose Odyssey updates.

The themes are definitly not ‘clean’ in a way that I would want to showcase. It’s all just slapped together at the moment, that might change as I want to add ‘sections’ and comment lines to area’s before making more changes. But at the moment I am happy with how everything looks and feels.

-Colin Out

Screen Block

Yesterday I got the opportunity to make a program for my work. We needed an .exe that would force a fullscreen to hide background tasks, have text display that can be configured via a .txt file, and would at least look ‘Professional’.

I opened up Unity:

I created a script to set the starting parameters to force the program to go fullscreen and then loop every 30 seconds to ensure it stays ontop of any other programs opening up.

Searched for a way to create a .txt file and then pull the text from said file. This is so the user can configure different lines of dialog depending on the situation (Example: Computer is being configured, please do not turn off machine).

Grabbed our organizations logo and had it rotate in the center to show some kind of movement. Also added the logo to the corner about x5 as big, dropped the opacity so it was very faded, and had it rotate at 1/8th the speed. It added a nice aesthetic to a pretty bare program.

Made a system clock at the bottom to display the time.

It was a lot of fun getting to open up Unity again and it all came back pretty quick. I’m definitly missing working on computer projects which is why I came back to the website to add a blog post and change how the site looks. My home has taken priority since we purchased it and I’m just not getting back to my projects.

Mini Game Jam: 82

Last weekend I participated in a game jam. It was the first game jam where I was only a participant and not a teacher. The Jam had a theme and a limitation. The theme was “Doodle” and the limitation was the game had to take place in 1 room.

I had 72 hours starting Thursday night at 9pm, going until Sunday night at 9pm. I had to work Friday so I was already a good 8 hours behind.

Thursday night I wrote down an idea for an asteroids like game where you navigated a space ship from point a to point b and shot asteroids.

Friday night I started making the game and thought of a fun idea to add, then another fun idea, then another. Soon I had a list of need to, and want to. Over the next 48 Hours I tried to get the need to done and succeeded but alas… it still had bugs and it wasn’t even close to what I actually wanted.

It had a menu, a score, a death screen, and a high score saving system. It also does not crash (as far as I know). So the game was ‘done’ and I had 30 minutes to submit it before the deadline.

Sweating while attempting to produce a working HTML5 export I just barely made the submission in time with only 10 minutes to go. I felt a rush of comedic joy, part of me was actually proud I finished a project and had something to show for it and the other part of me was embarrassed at how awful it was.

That embarrassment though was turned into comedy and that comedy turned into a happy memory. Had a lot of fun doing the Game Jam and will forever give myself a pat on the back for finally doing one.

If you would like to play the game submission go to:


Untitled Goose Game – Update June-ba-ly

Well look whos back bay-bee. Thought I was gone, thought I had given up. Well even I was having a hard time coming back. But put a good chunk of hours into continuing the work that is UGG.

As of right now you can start a game, make a character, and play a single dev level, and it’s pretty fun.

Was able to fix UI issues, the regen failing to start at the beginning of the battle, and the player name failing to work post update.

We’ve added a character level up/skill point screen and it works!

Maybe I will finish this… Man I hope so.

Untitled Goose Project & New Site

Untitled Goose Project

This has been in the works for over 3 years now changing and morphing from something not so fun to it’s current state. Really cool.

Really cool in the way that get’s me excited to keep working on it.

I don’t want to reveal too much about it at the moment.

New Site

I kind of lost the entire old site in the move. You know the saying “a backup is only good as the restore process” or something like that. Well it happened to me.

3 Years of blog posts and web site gone in a moment.

On the plus side, it’s the 10 year anniversary. I get to start fresh on a web server from scratch and I’ve been playing around with ubuntu servers for over a year now and this feels pretty solid.

Currently spending time rebuilding the site. Made sure the current backup method works and hoping to start on the 3 hobbies of my life this weekend. Amateur web design, amateur miniature painting, and amateur game design, in hopes that i’ll hit my 10,000 hours and feel real imposter syndrome.

Much love,