Welcome to the S.S.A.

*Not the Social Security Administration

This is a blog about my mission to land on each planet in the Kerbol system while role playing a space agency. We take jobs, build space stations, fly jets, design communication satellite deployment ships, all in the name of fun.

Each blog post has information about something happening at S.S.A.
Launches will contain information on the weight, cost, crew, etc of said rocket along with pictures.
Missions will contain a story and info about said Mission and of course some pictures to go along with that.


Kerbal Space Program instantly hooked me back in 2013. I’ve always enjoyed learning about the universe, our solar system, and how everything massive operates and works. The first time I learned how a stable orbit happens it blew my mind, the idea of something moving so fast in one direction that it’s forever just falling off the edge stuck with me. Kerbal Space Program was the first time where I got to feel the truth behind that, got to build, manuever, and see how it worked.

Yes it has a silly packaging as the Kerbals themselves are foolish and fun. But underneath it’s simple image is a depth that I just can’t seem to find in any other piece of media.

The game comes with so many a-ha moments and first time’s without ever holding your hand. After about 30 hours into the game, planting my flag on the Kerbal Moon (Mun) was the first big moment in a years long relationship to something that nothing else has replicated.

Starting Settings and Rules for Blog

When you begin Kerbal Space Program you have the option to set different settings for your game, from choosing a completely open sandbox where all parts are unlocked, to a game where you have to earn credits to buy and build your ships, it’s all customizable and you can make it as hard or easy as you want to.

If It’s your first time playing the game I recommend playing the “Science” mode, as that let’s you unlock bigger and better parts that can feel overwhelming if you start with everything unlocked.

Here are the starting settings for the S.S.A. Playthrough:

Tips and Tricks if you Play Along

  1. Never launch from the Building Menu, always launch from the pad as it reminds you to choose your crew.
  2. Save Kerbals instead of buying them, it’s always fun to save a Kerbal and it saves you a good chunk of change from not having to buy a Kerbalnaught.
  3. Communication Satellites Everywhere, try to build ships that can launch multiple Communication Satellites. It saves you money and time.