Welcome to my online collection of digital projects. I started this when I was a teenager in 2009 as ‘the colin experience’, because what teenager isn’t self-obsessed. I had a horrible podcast, some old writing (‘the lord of the chips’ a parody version of LOTR), and a flash game directory that friends and I could play as the school district internet didn’t block my website.

A couple years later it became csprojects and has remained that way since. I kept this little domain name and learned the in’s and out’s of basic web development, as hosting a website is no easy task the first couple go arounds. Raspberry Pi’s didn’t exist yet so my only way of learning was by actually doing.

Colin Stuart Projects has gone through many changes. My inital goal was to keep it entirely hand written, but I wanted to start different blogs and keeping those up to date and functional became too much of a hassle. Plus trying something new never hurts and wordpress became my friend.

Feel free to browse and check out the past and present projects in the project directory. I hope you find something you like.

Current Project

“Pixel art and Godot game design.”

May 14th, 2024