Screen Block

Yesterday I got the opportunity to make a program for my work. We needed an .exe that would force a fullscreen to hide background tasks, have text display that can be configured via a .txt file, and would at least look ‘Professional’.

I opened up Unity:

I created a script to set the starting parameters to force the program to go fullscreen and then loop every 30 seconds to ensure it stays ontop of any other programs opening up.

Searched for a way to create a .txt file and then pull the text from said file. This is so the user can configure different lines of dialog depending on the situation (Example: Computer is being configured, please do not turn off machine).

Grabbed our organizations logo and had it rotate in the center to show some kind of movement. Also added the logo to the corner about x5 as big, dropped the opacity so it was very faded, and had it rotate at 1/8th the speed. It added a nice aesthetic to a pretty bare program.

Made a system clock at the bottom to display the time.

It was a lot of fun getting to open up Unity again and it all came back pretty quick. I’m definitly missing working on computer projects which is why I came back to the website to add a blog post and change how the site looks. My home has taken priority since we purchased it and I’m just not getting back to my projects.