Launch 34 – Mun Refuel Station

Mun Refuel Station
Mass: 534.046
Cost: 185,401
Class: Gas Tank
Crew: None

Giving the Luma station the ability to help fuel future Mun flights for a long time. Attaching this large fuel canister to the Mun station will power 10’s if not 100’s of trips from surface to station.

Launch 18 – Mun Lander V

Mun Lander V
Mass: 334.466
Cost: 107,286
Class: Mun Lander
Crew: None, until two

Go get that Mun rock!

This mission we landed on the Mun, grabbed a pilot from the Farside Crater base, grabbed some rock bits from the crater, and then hopped on the ship, docked with the space station. Picked up the second pilot aboard the station and flew home.

Now it’s time to grab the two pilots, the mun rocks, and bring them home.

Launch 17 – Polar Mun Com

Polar Mun Com
Mass: 73.144
Cost: 32,295
Class: Communication Satellite
Crew: None

This mission was an attempt to knock out the last few active contracts we have, make a couple bucks and take some obligations of the shoulders of S.S.A.

We were able to do it insanely cheap, and now we have some extra bandwidth around the Mun.

Launch 15 – Luma Station

Luma Station
Mass: 204.477
Cost: 77,063
Class: Space Station Part
Crew: Munbro kerman (not joking)

It’s time for a Mun Space Station, we need the ability to refuel, connect, and support the science station on the ground. Luma station now orbits at 100km above the equator of the Mun.

With a crew capacity of 5 this starting piece to our Mun Space Station will be used many years to come.