Mission – To Gilly

The Mining rig set sail for Eve’s moon “Gilly” the smallest celestial body in the Kerbol system.

It’s goal was to land re-fuel and then head towards Moho at which point it would land re-fuel and then head back to either Kerbin or Gilly depending on thrust capacity.

Leaving Kerbin to Eve. First Kerbal long range flight.
Approaching the tiny moon Gilly. Image taken during breaking manuever.
Landed, Flag planted, and mining commencing.
Leaving Eve for Moho.

Kerbin Flyer – Cloud Salamander X-V

Cloud Salamander X-V
Mass: 14.658
Cost: 162,966
Class: Kerbin Jet
Crew: Phowig Kerman

We used Kerbnet and spotted an Anomaly over in the desert while searching for the Green Monolith.

Turned out to be the Desert Pyramid, had never actually been there in my years playing Kerbal.

Launch 29 – Minmus Science Station

Minmus Science Station
Mass: 641.412
Cost: 162,966
Class: Minmus Station and Lander
Crew: Tedrim and Maya Kerman

We need some science, and we need it fast. Minmus is an untapped sphere of science.

We launched a science station with our best tech attached and our best pilot and scientist.

Launch 23 – Sloth Scraper Asteroid Grabber

Sloth Scraper Asteroid Grabber
Mass: 334.459
Cost: 131,323
Class: Asteroid Redirect Ship
Crew: Tedrim and Maya Kerman

Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew? Well we did at S.S.A.

After finally making contact with the Class E asteroid and grabbing it with the claw, we noticed that with the remaining fuel we could only slow said asteroid down by 2m/s which is practically nothing.

On the plus side we got to touch an asteroid.

Launch 20 – LKO Kerbal Retrieval Unit – III

LKO Kerbal Retrieval Unit – III
Mass: 108.463
Cost: 40,542
Class: LKO Kerbal Pickup
Crew: None, until two

Finally we have brought back two Kerbals from the Mun. Along with them came some rocks we can analyze.

Launch 6 – Mun Lander 1

Mun Lander I
Mass: 203.140
Cost: 71,980
Class: Zero Atmosphere Lander
Crew: Jebediah Kerman

The plan was to land on the Mun, plant a flag, gather some Mun dust, and at a minimum orbit the mun and wait for pickup.

Sadly that minimum was not met and Jebediah Kerman’s mangled corpse will forever sit on the Mun as the amount of remaining fuel was not enough to create an orbit around the Mun.

A moment of silence for Jebediah Kerman.

Launch 4 – CSDS – I

Communication Satellite Deployment System – I
Mass: 83.904
Cost: 59,427
Class: Pilot Assisted Satellite Deployment System
Crew: Valentina Kerman

We attempted to make a satellite deployment system piloted by one of our kerbal cosmonaughts but it did not have enough fuel to establish an orbit.

The silver lining was we landed in the Desert.

Launch 3 – Space Walker

Space Walker
Mass: 42.435
Cost: 29,121
Class: Kerbal Transport
Crew: Valentina Kerman

The first Kerbal to ever do a space walk landed safetly back onto Kerbin about an hour later.

It was a good day for science and Kerbalkind.

The Space Walker had 1 goal and it succeeded.

Launch 1 – Iron Potato

Iron Potato
Mass: 42.962
Cost: 23,546
Class: Satellite

The first space craft launched without any issues. Dusting off the control boards over at command and re-remembering how space flight works.

It’s orbiting at 1,400KM at the equator, with one broken Antenna.