Launch 25 – Sloth Scrapper Asteroid Grabber – II

Sloth Scrapper Asteroid Grabber – II
Mass: 396.6
Cost: 150,704
Class: Asteroid Grabber
Crew: Mumbro and Burdard Kerman

Once news of the asteroid rendezvous hit Kerbal we sent out a second ship in hopes of finding a smaller much more capture-able rock.

That excitement quickly faded when the launched ship failed to meet up with the rock that flew close to kerbal.

Launch 23 – Sloth Scraper Asteroid Grabber

Sloth Scraper Asteroid Grabber
Mass: 334.459
Cost: 131,323
Class: Asteroid Redirect Ship
Crew: Tedrim and Maya Kerman

Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew? Well we did at S.S.A.

After finally making contact with the Class E asteroid and grabbing it with the claw, we noticed that with the remaining fuel we could only slow said asteroid down by 2m/s which is practically nothing.

On the plus side we got to touch an asteroid.

Launch 21 – Rock Scanning Machine

Rock Scanning Machine
Mass: 71.655
Cost: 31,902
Class: Asteroid Scanner
Crew: None

We need to catch us a asteroid. This is the first step.

Once the Scanner was in place around Kerbol we lost communication with it. We need to set up a larger communication dish to talk to our scanner.