Launch 36 – The Big Mun

The Big Mun
Mass: 818.690
Cost: 236,508
Class: Mun and Back
Crew: Boblie Kerman

Just trying to cross off another mission for some funds and to move on to the next world’s first.

Launch 35 – Luma Electrical Addition

Luma Electrical Addition
Mass: 51.216
Cost: 43,614
Class: Electrical Addon
Crew: None

For us to process the science brought back to the Luma station we need some more electrical power.

Really proud that for 43K we can send up some nice electrical equipment to Luma station.

Mission – Luma to Anomaly

Once the rover refueled at Luma station we marked an anomaly on our map and Bill hopped on the machine and flew down. Turned out to be a massive archway made from a rock formation.

Mission – Mun Science Base to Luma Station

We’ve done enough time at the Mun Science Base. Let’s bring the Kerbals back up to Luma Station for either repurposing or a flight home.

Bob and Bill Kerman left the Mun Science Base, hopped on the Simple Mun Rover and flew up to Luma Station.

Launch 34 – Mun Refuel Station

Mun Refuel Station
Mass: 534.046
Cost: 185,401
Class: Gas Tank
Crew: None

Giving the Luma station the ability to help fuel future Mun flights for a long time. Attaching this large fuel canister to the Mun station will power 10’s if not 100’s of trips from surface to station.

Launch 33 – Simple Mun Rover

Simple Mun Rover
Mass: 97.010
Cost: 44,489
Class: Mid Sized Rover
Crew: None

We need to explore the mun some more. Send our science base a mid-sized rover.

Launch 32 – Planet Scanner

Planet Scanner
Mass: 166.221
Cost: 61,805
Class: Planet Scanner
Crew: None

We need to start thinking about making fuel while in space. Scanning big rocks for ore is the next step. Here’s our way of doing that.

Plus it has some relay dishes on the side.

Launch 31 – Mun Round Trip Alpha

Mun Round Trip Alpha
Mass: 199.954
Cost: 72,148
Class: Mun There and Back Ship
Crew: Twise Kerman

We have a mission to fly and come back from the Mun and now with better technology we can do this for cheap and safely.

Kerbin Flyer – Cloud Salamander X-V 2nd Fly

Cloud Salamander X-V
Mass: 14.658
Cost: 162,966
Class: Kerbin Jet
Crew: Phowig Kerman

Using the new Anomaly Scanner we found 2 new anomalies on Kerbin, one was near the north pole and the other was kind of south east from there.

The north pole anomaly was a crashed space ship and the 2nd one was a large dish atop a mountain that sadly, Phowig died climbing.

RIP our first and best flyer.

Launch 30 – Anomaly Scanner

Anomaly Scanner
Mass: 194.882
Cost: 55,952
Class: Planet Scanner
Crew: None

On the hunt for the Green Monolith, found out that the rover block has 100% chance of showing an anomaly on the surface.