Zombie Team

I had an upcoming D&D session where my group was going to be fighting in a graveyard. I bought these zombies and fun prepping for the session.

This was the first time in a long time where I worked with a group of miniatures at once instead of the regular 1 or 2. It was also one of the early ‘Tuffs’ added to the bases.

Dwarf Battle Maiden

Overall it’s a fun mini. The hair turned out just dirty looking and in no way what I was going for.

She has a wonky eye but it adds to the overall mood.

Goblin Fighter

I have yet to add him to a base and add the tuff and stucko. But i’m happy with the way he came out.

Dwarf Miner

This guy was purchased along with another dwarf battlemage. I like to pretend the two work together in some kind of dwarf circus.

I’m not too proud of him but his eye’s and eyebrows came out great. I love his head and hate his body. The picture doesn’t do justice.

Goblin Leader

Oh the Goblin Leader, I know Goblin communities split into 3 camps, either: the biggest goblin is the leader, or the shaman is the leader, or the most battles survived is the merit for leader. This guy has survived the most battles.

I purchased some other Goblins to go along with this guy and I think they crew fits perfectly.

He’s also attached to a homemade base that has a hallow bottom to glue a penny into it (Add some weight – Click Here to download / view the 3D printed base)

Link to Crew

Pizza Dungeon Dragon

So I got addicted to scrolling through the Reaper miniature website, actually let’s be honest: Every time I end up on the Reaper site I get hooked. Looking at the hundreds of fantasy miniatures they have and paint sets, gah! It makes me crazy.

I bought a bunch of the cheap “Bones” miniatures from my local hobby store (Shoutout to Merlyn’s in beautiful downtown Spokane) because having a bunch of cheap, no worry if I mess up, models helped me break through that terror of painting expensive miniatures.

The Pizza Dragon is their spokesman for “Pizza Dungeon Dice” which always made me smile every time his little ad block would pop up. So I bought the metal model and 3D printed a large pizza to add as his base.

Really happy with how silly this turned out.

Celestial Mage

Painting wizards always intimidate me. Adding details to their robe is not something I worry about messing up each time. This time around I decided to go purple and thought a little bit of gold dry brush would add some sparkle to it and I am happy with the result.

I love the little symbols on this mini’s book, that was fun to try and do. Also notice his eyes are black with white dots. Thought it would be fun to have him look like he’s seeing the flip dimension or something like that.

Different angle

Spooky Grim Reaper

Oh man oh man was I afraid to paint this guy. I waited until I felt like was starting to ‘get good’ at painting mini’s.

I am so proud of this guy, even though the belt is too globby and the lamp didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I love the color combination, the sythe, the flowy robe. God it’s a cool looking mini.

I’m sure I could have done better but this metal mini will stay with me for a while, and never be touched up.

Flag Holder Goblin

Alright we’ve got a druming crew and a flag holder. Now onto the rest of the crew.

Someday I’ll paint something on that blue flag.

Goblin Drummer and Drum

What goblin raiding party is complete without some goblins bangin’ on some drums eh?

If my dream is to someday have a goblin army painted then these guys are the start. I love the idea of a the war march these guys would rock out on the way to a battle.