Paper Towel Holder

We recently wanted to purchase a paper towel holder as domestic consumer life sometimes requires slightly pointless purchases.

The local store was selling them for $20+ dollars? $20+ dollars for a stick on a pad? No no no no, this will not do. The internet showed me a world of $10 (+ shiping) options and ones that cost more than my first car and they do not come with a functional combustion engine ($1,160).

So I hopped on Tinkercad and made a quick prototype that ended up working out first try. I did have to to use a Creality Ender 5 Pro Plus for the large size but feel free to shrink this to a printable size or splice and super glue.

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 19KB .ZIP

1″ Base with Hollow Bottom

The bottom of this print is hollow and tall enough to glue a penny to it.

Helps with the weight and can also help a miniature that does not have a base. I use this for every miniature that I purchase who doesn’t have a round base. You can add stucko and other 3D objects to help blend the previous base to this one.

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 4KB .ZIP

Paperholders Numbered

These are great for some cheap quick miniatures. You can print out little paper mini’s and fold them to fit in these clips. Plug you can use the number on the base if you are the DM controlling the game.

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 440KB .ZIP

2″ to 4″ Tube Attachment

The company I work for bought a Glowforge and in hopes to save some money we did not purchase the insanely expensive filter system that could be bundled with the Glowforge.

The filter we did have had a 2″ hole for incoming air and the Glowforge has a 4″ hole for outgoing air. We searched for a 2″ to 4″ tube attachment at local hardware stores and could not find one. *Drum rolls* in came the 3D Printer! I made a tube attachment in Tinkercad and after a few quick prints to get the size right, it worked!

If you bought a Glowforge and didn’t want to spend the money on a expensive filter feel free to download and install this attachment.

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 28KB .ZIP

Lotus Candle Holder

Made this for my girlfriend using a lotus pattern found on Thingiverse.

Added some weight to the bottom and a little candle holder hole in the center. But used lotus designs from Thingiverse. (lost the links to the original designs)

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 721KB .ZIP

2″ x 2″ Large Paper Mini Holder

Made this to hold large creatures for Pathfinder/Dungeons and Dragons/Etc.

Print out your little paper critter with a back and front, fold it down the middle and roll up the bottom so that it sticks nicely inside the little holder.

Inside the Zip is a circle labeled 1 and labeled 2.

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 20KB .ZIP