Launch 26 – Kerbal Pickup 2000

Kerbal Pickup 2000
Mass: 511.853
Cost: 120,744
Class: Kerbal Rescue Ship
Crew: None until Two

When the team on the Sloth Scraper Asteroid Grabber disengaged from the rock and attempted to return home, only to find they only had enough fuel to end up in an orbit that wasn’t even close to home we all had some fear develop in our hearts.

Kerbals are not cheap and here at S.S.A. we care about our kerbalnaughts even if they didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

This mission has a slowly ticking clock as the S.S.A.G. had an orbit that ran through the Mun’s orbit and at some point in the future the Mun would cross paths with the S.S.A.G. and ram right into the ship, or worse fling the ship into a Kerbal escape trajectory.

We were able to meet up with the S.S.A.G pickup the two Kerbals and get that orbit to a safer inner orbit. But still did not have enough fuel to get home.