Wooden Table

Wood turns out so good with the PLA 3D printer I have. It always makes the grain pop and it’s so easy to paint.


I liked the idea of these and next time I will prime them. I wanted to see how easily they would allow painting and it turned out decent. Needs a dark prime base though.

Paperholders Numbered

These are great for some cheap quick miniatures. You can print out little paper mini’s and fold them to fit in these clips. Plug you can use the number on the base if you are the DM controlling the game.

Click here to download the .STL: Link for Download 440KB .ZIP


Stonewall. I’m thinking of adding some ‘moss’ to give it a little color.

Big Rock

A nice big rock for any tabletop gaming.

Wooden Crates

This is multiple 3D prints of wooden crates that come in handy for most D&D encounters. There is almost always a spot to spice up the battlefield with a little wooden crate.

There all 1″ by 1″ so they fit perfectly to take up a square.


Ehhh… nice idea but not the greatest to print and paint.


This was the first big monster I 3D Printed.

I ended up using this in a D&D campaign and even though it looks a little scratchy and it’s one of the early prints I love it.

Wooden Chest

This 3D print was made a work when I was first learning how to use a 3D printer.