Launch 37 – The Big Mun 2

The Big Mun
Mass: 818.6
Cost: 236,472
Class: Mun and Back
Crew: Munbro Kerman

Ironically we are using this same ship to fly to Minmus for the same purpose.

Land – Science – Grab Rock – go home and land.

Launch 36 – The Big Mun

The Big Mun
Mass: 818.690
Cost: 236,508
Class: Mun and Back
Crew: Boblie Kerman

Just trying to cross off another mission for some funds and to move on to the next world’s first.

Sunday Drive – Lil’ Science Cart

Lil’ Science Cart
Mass: 3.142
Cost: 33,113
Class: Car
Crew: Insert Name Here

We realized not only is there science floating in space but also right here at our doorstep.

We scrapped together the little parts we had and made a quick cart to drive around and collect the lil’ bits of science hidden in the corners of our own space agency.