Launch 40 – Minmus Moon Scanner

Planet Scanner Long Range
Mass: 342.95
Cost: 161,462
Class: Planet Scanner
Crew: None

Attached to this planet scanner is our new xenon gas electron propulsion system. Getting this to Minmus was easier than expected and it’s currently holding over 5KM/s of thrust.

After Scanning Minmus we can aim our flagship mining rig in it’s direction to test it’s first ore to fuel mission capabilities.

Launch 29 – Minmus Science Station

Minmus Science Station
Mass: 641.412
Cost: 162,966
Class: Minmus Station and Lander
Crew: Tedrim and Maya Kerman

We need some science, and we need it fast. Minmus is an untapped sphere of science.

We launched a science station with our best tech attached and our best pilot and scientist.