Launch 27 – Kerbal Pickup 2001

Kerbal Pickup 2001
Mass: 446.535
Cost: 104,990
Class: Kerbal Rescue Ship
Crew: None until two

We tried saving some money and ended up wasting about 5k in solid fuel. Luckily the ship did not explode on the pad and we scraped the parts.

Launch 25 – Sloth Scrapper Asteroid Grabber – II

Sloth Scrapper Asteroid Grabber – II
Mass: 396.6
Cost: 150,704
Class: Asteroid Grabber
Crew: Mumbro and Burdard Kerman

Once news of the asteroid rendezvous hit Kerbal we sent out a second ship in hopes of finding a smaller much more capture-able rock.

That excitement quickly faded when the launched ship failed to meet up with the rock that flew close to kerbal.

Launch 21 – Rock Scanning Machine

Rock Scanning Machine
Mass: 71.655
Cost: 31,902
Class: Asteroid Scanner
Crew: None

We need to catch us a asteroid. This is the first step.

Once the Scanner was in place around Kerbol we lost communication with it. We need to set up a larger communication dish to talk to our scanner.

Launch 19 – LKO Kerbal Retrieval Unit – II

LKO Kerbal Retrieval Unit – II
Mass: 77.107
Cost: 31,678
Class: LKO Kerbal Pickup
Crew: None, until two

Sometimes when you go too cheap it doesn’t work.

At about 15KM above the surface of Kerbin a odd guest of wind blew by and the rickety rocket kind of fell over. Resulting in a lot of lost delta-V.

This rocket ended up being just a test landing vessle.

Launch 16 – Mun Lander IV

Mun Lander IV
Mass: 213.225
Cost: 72,212
Class: Space Station Part
Crew: Bobbie Kerman

We wanted to send a landing piece for the Luma Station but it didn’t even leave the launch pad. Our first true disaster at the launch site.

Launch 13 – Kerbal Safety Retrieval System

Kerbal Safety Retrieval System
Mass: 306.919
Cost: 76,761
Class: LKO Kerbal Pickup
Crew: None, until plus One

After the mountain incident we wanted to make sure that an event like that would never happen again.

Behold the K.S.R.S.

On it’s maiden voyage we did have an accident that made the Ship no longer operate but no one was hurt.

Launch 12 – Low Orbit Kerbal Retrieval Unit

L.O.K.R.U (Low-ka-roo)
Mass: 58.868
Cost: 20,529
Class: Single Kerbal Atmospheric Re-Entry Vehicle
Crew: None, Until there is One

We had the best intentions. Then it all went south.

We had picked up Katgel from LKO and survived the re-entry into the atmosphere but the landing zone was a mountain.

As Katgel tumbled down the mountain we all hoped they would make it out alive but instead fiery death visited the craft.

Launch 6 – Mun Lander 1

Mun Lander I
Mass: 203.140
Cost: 71,980
Class: Zero Atmosphere Lander
Crew: Jebediah Kerman

The plan was to land on the Mun, plant a flag, gather some Mun dust, and at a minimum orbit the mun and wait for pickup.

Sadly that minimum was not met and Jebediah Kerman’s mangled corpse will forever sit on the Mun as the amount of remaining fuel was not enough to create an orbit around the Mun.

A moment of silence for Jebediah Kerman.

Launch 4 – CSDS – I

Communication Satellite Deployment System – I
Mass: 83.904
Cost: 59,427
Class: Pilot Assisted Satellite Deployment System
Crew: Valentina Kerman

We attempted to make a satellite deployment system piloted by one of our kerbal cosmonaughts but it did not have enough fuel to establish an orbit.

The silver lining was we landed in the Desert.