Kerbin Flyer – Cloud Salamander X-V 2nd Fly

Cloud Salamander X-V
Mass: 14.658
Cost: 162,966
Class: Kerbin Jet
Crew: Phowig Kerman

Using the new Anomaly Scanner we found 2 new anomalies on Kerbin, one was near the north pole and the other was kind of south east from there.

The north pole anomaly was a crashed space ship and the 2nd one was a large dish atop a mountain that sadly, Phowig died climbing.

RIP our first and best flyer.

Launch 12 – Low Orbit Kerbal Retrieval Unit

L.O.K.R.U (Low-ka-roo)
Mass: 58.868
Cost: 20,529
Class: Single Kerbal Atmospheric Re-Entry Vehicle
Crew: None, Until there is One

We had the best intentions. Then it all went south.

We had picked up Katgel from LKO and survived the re-entry into the atmosphere but the landing zone was a mountain.

As Katgel tumbled down the mountain we all hoped they would make it out alive but instead fiery death visited the craft.

Launch 6 – Mun Lander 1

Mun Lander I
Mass: 203.140
Cost: 71,980
Class: Zero Atmosphere Lander
Crew: Jebediah Kerman

The plan was to land on the Mun, plant a flag, gather some Mun dust, and at a minimum orbit the mun and wait for pickup.

Sadly that minimum was not met and Jebediah Kerman’s mangled corpse will forever sit on the Mun as the amount of remaining fuel was not enough to create an orbit around the Mun.

A moment of silence for Jebediah Kerman.

Launch 5 – CSDS – II

Communication Satellite Deployment System – II
Mass: 109.346
Cost: 67,858
Class: Pilot Assisted Satellite Deployment System
Crew: Valentina Kerman

Once again Valentina strapped into the new CSDS ready to pilot the ship again and this time was successful in setting up the satellite relays but upon re-entry was burned up in the atmosphere.

A moment of silence for Valentina Kerman.