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CSProjects or Colin Stuart Projects is the online headquarters of anything Colin Stuart Related. Colin Stuart Projects is open to everyone and holds a collection of projects, images, documents, and references to other sites.

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Past, Present, and Future Ideas Blog

Project discussion, development notes, ideas, life changes, site news, and everything not too personal to post online will pop up here.

Project Directory

Finished or failed projects will end up on the project Directory. This also includes old compressed CSProjects web pages and any zipped flash files (.swf) or zipped executables (.exe)


CSProjects has no agenda and thus allows me to post anything I want; however the purpose of the site is to have a directory of all attempted, failed, or successful projects, as well as photography or other activities I engage in that I would like to share with family & friends.

Also having server space online allows me to practice and use HTML, CSS, and PHP. The website is built and maintained entirely with Notepad++ , Bluefish , Filezilla, and Gimp. Using free donation run software lets me support the free software community. A big round of applause for all unix non-profit teams around the globe.

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Read the disclaimer before viewing any more web pages under the CSProjects.info domain.